About SAZAM Freight Services…

Introduction to SAZAM Freight Services:

SAZAM (South Africa – ZAMbia) Freight Services was formed in order to meet a need for an efficient and effective transport provider TO and FROM Zambia. Over time however demand expanded into bordering African Countries. The scale of our operation allows for the management team members to personally monitor and supervise every aspect of the operation, from loading up to the final destination and discharge of cargo.

SAZAM Freight Services is a level nine BEE contributor, with a strong focus on empowerment. We are proud to focus on both job creation and uplifting underdeveloped communities and in so doing contribute to transform the socioeconomic landscape.

SAZAM Freight Services has adopted a multi-faceted approach to managing sustainability within the company. This includes:

  • Promoting of governance practices and ethical responsibility.
  • Providing a safe working environment in which the health of our people is protected and their opportunities for self-development are enhanced.
  • Promoting cultural diversity and equity in the workplace.
  • Minimising adverse environmental impacts.
  • Providing opportunities for social and economic development in the communities in which we operate.

We live by our motto that our customers are our most valuable asset, therefore we strive to exceed the customer’s expectations. Using superior methodologies, we ensure total safety of consignments. Our customer’s trust in our capabilities, resulting in us being prominently placed as an industry leader. This also enables us to proudly stand out from our industry competitors. To ensure effective services to our clients, we provide the following set of actions:

  • Entire clearance processes of pre-shipment
  • Timely action on client’s business inquiries
  • Offering complete documentation
  • Timely delivery
  • Constant tracking of cargo during motion (Advise of departure and Arrival of all consignments and monitoring en route).
  • Positive & Open communication
  • Exceptional client Relations
  • Accurate & Efficient Delivery
  • Daily Status Reports where required.

Apart from the infrastructure in R.S.A. and the monitoring aspect of our vehicles en route, we have liaison offices in Messina, Groblersbrug, Chirundu Zimbabwe/ Zambia and Livingstone Botswana/ Zambian border posts respectively including Lusaka. Sazam Freight Services is currently dispatching in excess of +/- 240 tonnes of cargo weekly and this offers short lead times with particular emphasis on consolidations.

About us

SAZAM Business Differentiators

SAZAM Freight Services differentiates itself from its competitors based on customer experience. Ensuring a comprehensive and consistent customer experience is delivered consistently. SAZAM Freight Services looks to continuously measure our service in order to apply focus on continuous service improvement. Although our rates are competitive, our foundations and business principles are based on quality in every aspect, this ensures we provide a superior SERVICE to you the client.


Availability and Reliability

SAZAM Freight Services understands how downtime or delays directly affect your business’ ability to deliver. As a result we have multiple employees and contacts based at various freight bottlenecks to ensure standing time is reduced to the absolute minimum.

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